HydraVerse’s Digital Economy Set To Thrive With Dragons on The Racetrack

There are many opportunities available for players to win (P2E), and the metaverse is rich in digital independent economies.

It’s estimated that electronic gaming through blockchain technology will become one of the biggest growing sectors in crypto and gaming. HydraVerse rewards players for their efforts in combining the top 10 blockchain and gaming companies.

Hydaverse, an immersive digital world that combines AR and VR technology with AR capabilities, will feature VR and AR. You can train, race, breed, trade and rent your NFT dragons with other players.

What’s the HydraVerse?

HydraVerse allows you to metaversely earn PVP by racing dragons. The dragons in this game are NFTs. The racetrack allows players to train and race dragons. The minimum level for dragons is zero, while the maximum level of 40 is attained.

Dragons can be showcased or staked at the Dragon Park while they’re resting up for the next big race. To earn passive income, players can buy money trees and place them in the park. To level up, you can also play with dragons in the fountains.

AR and VR technologies will allow players to display their NFT Dragons to friends.

HydraVerse Economy

The native token of the HydraVerse is called “Hydracoin” (HDV), built on Binance Smart Chain (BSC). As a result, players won’t be burdened by high transaction fees since BSC is a fast, scalable and cost-effective network.

Hydracoin has a supply of 500 million tokens that will be used to facilitate commerce in Hydraland.In addition,  HDV holders are eligible to join the rewards programs where players can receive free NFTs and other prizes.

HDV is used to train and breed NFT Dragons. Each day, players will be able to earn HDV for completing their daily tasks.

HDV will not only be available for in-game transactions but also players can stake and LP with their HDV tokens within staking or farming pools.

Hydraland: Earn Rewards

Six dragons compete against each other to win the race. To avoid obstacles, the player must control the dragon and make it accelerate towards other dragons. This will cause them to be thrown off their course. The outcome of races can be predicted by spectators, but not the participants.

You can race on many racecourses. A fixed number of races is required by racetracks each day in order to guarantee that the winners get a good reward.

You can also lease your dragon to another player. Two options are available for dragon owners to rent their dragons: Fixed price rentals, in which the owner sets a price and agrees on a time period. A reward-sharing rental is where the tenant receives a portion of the rewards earned from dragon racing.

A racecourse can also be rented by players.

Racecourse tenants can make up to 70% of the participation fees in races at their racecourse. Racecourse tenants can host other riders or create different policies in order to draw them to their racecourse.

Rentals of racecourses are available in HDV and BNB.

How to train your dragon for success

Hydraland residents must first purchase eggs and then hatch them. Every egg gives rise to a different dragon for the player.

Higher tiers of dragons will bring you more value in the NFT marketplace. A weak dragon can have its star count reduced so it may be combined with other dragons to make a stronger dragon.

Three levels of dragon eggs are available:

  • From 1-3 stars, normal eggs can hatch dragons.
  • Epic eggs hatch to 3-5 star dragons
  • Legendary egg’s hatch 4-5 star dragons.

After the dragon egg hatches the player needs to spend their time with their new partner. The dragon will be strongly motivated when receiving a high happiness rate, which helps increase the player’s win rate.

The NFT traits are the characteristics of dragon’s that determine their race performances and auction resale value:

  • Dragons can move quicker during races if they have a high speed of movement.
  • Two dragons can compete with each other based on their strength.
  • Dragons are more resilient in harsh environments and longer races thanks to endurance.
  • When dragons are displayed in the park, attraction helps them make more.
  • Finally, happiness helps increase the player’s win rate.

The stats of awakening dragons change and they can morph into something new. The player needs to purchase material from the shop in order to awaken the dragon. The ability to accelerate, dive, and speed up can all be gained by waking dragons.

Daily training tasks allow players to increase their dragon’s stats and help them perform better in races. The happiness index will affect the dragon’s performance, so players must be attentive to their dragon’s happiness to increase their odds of success on the race track.

  • The dragon can be fed = more experience
  • It’s a great way to bring joy and health.
  • Fun = happiness
  • Tieing the dragon = Happiness

Players can then send the dragon to the training school to earn HDV. This way, the player can play to its dragon’s strengths when racing against others online.

Hydraland: The Bright Future

Early adopters of the metaverse dragon racing game won’t go away empty handed. Hydraland offers gamers a variety of ways to make money while playing and racing with their dragons. HydraVerse is working with well-respected launchpads to allow retailers to get exposure to HydraVerse via initial DAO offerings (IDOs).

Early adopters who have received tokens in a fair distribution can now stake their HDV tokens, while waiting for the game’s full launch. The brave are lucky, so those who sign up for the HydraVerse can reap the rewards of early adoption.


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