GLD Luxury Dominating Street Style with its High Standard Jewelry

No matter how hard times get, people are always looking to keep up with style. People will always live in luxury. Everyone dreams and aims at living a fascinating life. Jewelry is high right now in luxury goods, with market revenue of $21.39 billion in 2020, and will rise to $29.2 in 2025.

If you are walking down any street, you cannot help but notice people’s different ornaments. And all of the other materials, aesthetic, design, and size. You can’t deny that no matter what stage or level you are in life, a deep-down urge forces you to buy luxury that compliments you and that you can get.

It’s now prevalent in both genders. Statistics by GWI show that 56% of women shop jewelry while men are 44%. The most worn jewelry among females has to be earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and anklets. The same goes for men on neck chains, rings, bracelets, and now commonly earrings. 

This analogy is interesting as when all fade or crash, we are left with our superb impression to survive. You may have stayed hungry all night, but when you show up to your peers or colleagues in your unique sense of style, they regard you highly. You also tend to get past a situation quickly because you confidently walk with your fashion put.

If you are looking for budget-friendly, classy, trendy, and high-quality jewelry, GLD fills that desire. GLD, pronounced as Gold, is an established international brand gaining dominance in the jewelry luxury market each passing day. Its headquarters is in Miami, Florida, making a statement among all jewelry lovers. 

The brand highly serves numerous hip-hop stars in Wiz Khalifa, ASAP Rocky, Trippie Redd. It also complements sports stars including Paul Pogba, Kelvin Durant, Carmelo Anthony. More so, brands like NFL, Marvel Comics, MBA, NBA boost their portfolio. 

It’s a brand where Co-Founder  Christian Johnston, has given his all to put GLD on the map. Christian had the vision for GLD and led it from a small basement startup and has scaled it to unimaginable heights. With no business or fashion experience, GLD’s success has come from its enthusiasm for fashion, relentless drive, versatility, and holding strong to its vision. GLD is also remarkably successful on social media. Their Instagram following is at about 1.2 million followers. The company also has fantastic reviews on all its platforms from Google to Trustpilot. 

They best serve clients in the best way possible. Happy clients mean business growth, which is evident with GLD. The business is in its sixth year and doing impeccable things. In 2020 they made a record-breaking report on their annual revenue. 

Despite the pandemic, they were able to hit $50 million in revenue. GLD remains unshaken amidst predicaments and stays ahead of its close competitors. GLD is an example of a business anyone would wish to establish.

It’s an encouragement to many aspiring entrepreneurs and young people looking to make it out great in life. Their products are a definite try. You can reach out to them on: