Get Ready! An Extra Signal Drop and Bonuses Are Coming at StormGain on Black Friday

Black Friday is almost upon us, and the world is preparing to snap up bargains during the year’s biggest shopping holiday. But Black Friday isn’t just a time to save money. At StormGain it’s also a time to Take the following steps: money.

StormGain’s Black Friday Promotion will run for the entire week, starting on Monday 22 November and ending Sunday 28 November. The main perk of Black Friday Week will be a special trading signals drop to users’ accounts. StormGain signals, which are based in technical analysis tools, provide quick tips and easy to understand information on crypto movements. Don’t miss out on this chance to supercharge your trading and profits!

What type of deals are possible?

  • StormGain customers who made deposits on the platform previously must make Bitcoin trades with maximum leverage during this Promotion Period. After that, they’ll receive a free trading signals drop on Black Friday itself (26 November). Clients depositing 50 USDT or greater will be eligible for double signals as well as a 10% bonus.
  • For clients who have not yet funded their accounts, they can deposit 50 USDT or more and receive trading signals drops on 26 November as well as a 20% bonus.

Participants will be notified via push notifications that they receive 5-10 signals for Black Friday (26 Nov).

Participants will receive bonuses between 29 November and 30 December.

Is it worth buying the dip? How to use StormGain’s Black Friday promo for maximum profit

To make the most of the extra trading signals, it’s important to prepare to actively trade during this time and take a look at current market trends.

Bitcoin is on the decline following a drop from the recent all-time high of $69,000, leading to many calls in the crypto community to ‘buy the dip’ as the top crypto currently hovers around $60,000. Bitcoin believers were vindicated by the fact that Bitcoin fell a few times during recent years only to rebound and reach new highs. It is important to time the rebound so that you don’t miss it.

What about altcoins, you ask? As much as many altcoins present improvements on Bitcoin’s system, the truth is that their value tends to remain tied to the original cryptocurrency’s. Other coins follow BTC wherever it goes. With few exceptions like Avalanche, ARC Governance Coin and Avalanche, Ethereum and other BTC competition have also dipped. However, they are still likely to bounce back.

That’s where the extra trading signals come in handy. To make the most of market movements during Black Friday week, you’ll need to be on the ball and aware of many different crypto pairs’ short-term activity. Trading signals will take care of most of the hard work, so you can trade faster and more efficiently.

Black Friday Trading is Coming!

Don’t forget to trade BTC with the maximum leverage and/or make a 50 USDT+ deposit during the promotion period to take advantage of this special opportunity to maximise your gains. If you’re not a StormGain client yet, sign up in just a few seconds to qualify for the bonuses and enjoy trading on the crypto platform with the best perks in the business.

To be accepted, you must accept the invitation. Keep an eye out for the start of the promotion by turning on email and push notifications.

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