Gaming and blockchain – an unstoppable combination?

Gaming market continues to grow

The game market has become enormous and has been untapped for blockchains as gamers have fully understood the concept of digital currency and digital assets. Streaming is providing game awareness and is creating influences and super stars and is also opening up new economic models. The world will eventually become a universe of connected game worlds on the blockchain which is open to absolutely everybody and where anyone can play.

It is vital in today’s world that everyone has access to blockchain and the game market. However, the overall process of getting into blockchains and cryptocurrency is not always as straightforward as it may seem. It involves exchanges, wallets, account sign-up and verifications etc. etc.

Blockchains in the game market should be easy and accessible and also lots of fun. In fact, great games and compelling content on the blockchain is the fastest way to drive the mass adoption of blockchains.

Merging gaming with blockchain

The concept of digital currency and digital objects has already been understood by gamers and once they experience ownership and also the ability to move assets between games, they will value the full custody of their gear.

Games are educational and are a natural bridge into learning and playing with new concepts in a safe and enjoyable way. Games are not solely recreational but go way beyond that.

The Unreal Engine aims to create the highest quality gameplay experience and drives towards high fidelity visuals and designs. They move away from building a DApp on the blockchain. They are concentrating on the gameplay first and integrating the blockchain in a particular way which makes the player unaware that they are using one.

Gamers will get to experience the benefits of asset ownership and taking their items. The future lies in the mass adoption of blockchains, to create a living metaverse one game at a time using the blockchain as a foundation. The metaverse is owned by nobody but is being encouraged in its early pioneering days.

This is a place where people can immerse themselves in a digital dimension unconstrained by physical laws and conventions where the ability to create is only limited by one’s immagination. So leave the cultural thumbnail behind and enter this world of pure imagination with the game market for blockchain.