ASPO WORLD Eyes IDO After Closing $2 Million Fundraising Round

ASPO is an international game world that has been supported by a talented Vietnamese team. It aims to make P2E gaming the future of digital assets. ASPO World, its first strategy-based game that allows people to interact in their virtual worlds is what ASPO World currently has under development. ASPO World has been incubated in Icetea Labs. They recently received funding of $2 million from notable VCs. This includes Icetea Labs. Hashed. Raptor. DaoMaker. Everse Capital. CoinCu Ventures. and over 20 more partners. ASPO’s team has also been working very closely wiTh GameFi and Red Kite for its upcoming events, one of which is the IGO on 14thNovember

ASPO World’s next IGO will be on GameFi, Red Kite. This milestone is a significant step in ASPO World’s journey towards becoming a giant in blockchain-based gaming. ASPO is determined to redefine what gaming can be. The ASPO team strongly believes that professional gamers can still have fun and make money, but regular gamers can also enjoy the game.

ASPO World

ASPO World is being developed by an experienced Vietnamese Game Studio behind many successful games that have been released in 7 Asian countries, in association with ROXCE Capital – a Singapore-based company specializing in technology research and development as well as financial consulting in the fields of AI, Crypto/Blockchain, Cloud, Data Science and VR Metaverse.

ASPO World’s stunning graphics and design will allow players to travel around the globe of great sorcerers. In this world, the powerful reign supreme and everyone is eyeing the “King of Sorcerers” title. ASPO World requires that players choose between the three ASPO classes (Fighter Hunter, Witch and Witch) for their main character. They also need to select four companions (spirits), in order to create a formidable team.

By engaging in the battles and activities, players can claim NFTs that can be traded on the game’s Marketplace. ASPO World players do not travel alone, but together with their companions. In particular, we are developing the “Guild” feature to create better player connections. We plan to host tournaments that the entire ASPO community can join in the future to make the game more interactive.

ASPO World was established with the goal of making Vietnamese NFT games more accessible to all. We hope that players will be at the heart of every game we create and any future games. ASPO World was created with the support of prominent experts in online gaming, finance and technology.

Enjoy, Learn and Have Fun

A small amount is required by players to create a team consisting of five members (one main character, four spirits). ASPO World plans to release its token in-game to allow players to buy items on the market, upgrade their characters and take part in PVP events.

ASPO World is a marketplace that uses semi-automated technology to ensure fairness for all. You can convert all in-game grind items into NFTs, and trade them with investors or other players via the market. The price of these NFT products will be determined by the supply-demand mechanism of the in-game market, and who knows, maybe one day while exploring ASPO World you’ll come across a rare drop and hard-to-find item worth “millions of dollars.”

Product Roadmap

ASPO’s team has carefully planned every single step for the future development of our game universe, and with the support of Icetea Labs and some other great ventures like Hashed and Raptor, we’re very confident we’re going to make it a reality.

ASPO World will release its beta test in late November before organizing the first tournament for ASPO World’s players next year, probably in Q2 or Q3 2022. ASPO will release its beta test in November, before organizing the first ASPO World tournament next year.

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